Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gym Goals Update

Back in June I laid out some of my goals for the gym and how I wanted to progress and get stronger.

You can read here that I wanted to be able to pull a 200lb deadlift, 145lb(approx body weight) back squat and be able to perform 10 chin-ups.

Over the course of close to two months, I was able to progress to DL a max of 185lbs for a 4x4 and squat 125lbs for a 4x4. The chin-ups are still only about 3 unassisted, but they have become "smoother", meaning doing those three doesn't just completely wipe me out!

I'm sure my 1 rep maxes are well above what my original goals are, but I never took days to just do 1 rep maxes...the school's gym has been under construction, so getting there before they close early everyday has been a challenge. 

I feel really good about my progression though, I didn't push myself hard enough in the beginning though, for the first month, I barely tried going up in weight at all! It wasn't until I started more progressive overload that I could see the rapid change in strength.

So I'm going to continue to achieve my goals and then move on to more challenges! It felt really good to go into the gym with a clear goal in mind, knowing that I needed to pull more or squat more because I was trying to get to a certain place. I think having concrete goals is a healthy thing for me.

ps- We no longer have internet at our apartment, so I will be quiet for a little while until I get moved to the new house in Northern Colorado :)


  1. YOU CAN DO IT, RONI!! Can't wait till you're only 45 minutes away!!

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