My philosophy on food revolves around compromise, balance and happiness.

Let me start by saying that I promote eating lean meat, vegetables (and lots of them!), fruit and healthy fats. I try my hardest to not eat sugary/buttery treats more than once (maybe twice) a week.

One of my goals is to compete in a figure competition next year and maybe one day participate in fitness modeling, so for me compromise plays a big role in food. Taking out sugars and fats from foods makes them taste different from the way we become accustomed to tasting them, not a bad taste, just different. For me, I am willing to make those compromises and change my palate to appreciate less sugary and fatty foods, so that I can see the results of that in my body composition. When I put the right foods into my body, I notice a difference almost immediately; my performance in the gym is better, I sleep better, my digestion is better and I'm happier.

At the same time, I think it's important to not limit yourself completely from classic comfort foods because you will start to feel deprived and resent your food choices. You'll look at that carrot stick and hate every bite of it because it's not a chocolatey brownie! That's not healthy, food needs to be pleasurable. I do not believe, however, that we need to indulge every craving for cake, brownies, ice cream, cinnamon rolls, etc...I know if I did, I would pretty much only eat brownies and ice cream for dinner. That's where balance comes into play, indulging in special treats needs to be just that, special! Often times, if I'm really craving something sweet, I will find a way to make a healthier version of it, so I'm not left feeling like I cheated myself.

When I eat clean, healthy foods I appreciate what it does for my body and mind. Plain and simple. And those benefits outweigh the short-term "happiness" that junk food provides.

What are your thoughts on food?

Thanks for reading!