Thursday, February 23, 2012

Green Spinach/Banana Shake

Today was a great day! Since I didn't have class til the afternoon, my friend Laurel and I went snowshoeing in the morning! It was a nice little hike; the snow was decent enough, kind of crusty but it was still fun and a good, extra leg workout.
For some energy before we left I ate/drank this:

It looks kind of like green sludge, but it was delicious! Packed full of fruit, veggies and vitamins, it was a perfect pre-workout shake.

Here's what you need:
1/4 c. of each: frozen spinach, frozen strawberries and frozen grapes
1/2 scoop Greens powder
1/2 scoop protein powder
~1.5 c. liquid (I used water, but milk or juice would work)

Put it all in the blender and liquify!

I'm sure this recipe would work better with a Vitamix or some other high powered blender, but our cheapo one worked just fine! And this picture includes the type of Greens powder I use; it has a strong minty flavor, which is why I only used 1/2 a scoop.

In this one I actually used a 1/2 c. spinach, but it made the shake really thick, I had to eat it with a spoon, so if you like thicker shakes, add more me, you won't taste a difference!

Now you have your beautiful green and wonderfully tasting shake! I would not recommend adding any sugar or sweetener to this recipe because it is definitely sweet enough as is with all the fruit! There's a strong banana flavor and if it wasn't green I'm sure no one would know there's spinach in it!

Here's the pretty scenery from our hike and Laurel out in the snow!

Be Flavorful!

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