Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I wanted to share this picture that I randomly found on the internet the other day:

I thought this was a great motivational image and an important one to show because being fit and living a healthy lifestyle is not just about fitness. It's about seeing yourself in a different, more powerful way. Like when you push harder than you thought you could in a workout or resisted the urge to eat all those Oreos and you realize that you are not only a stronger person physically, but mentally too. It's about changing your perspective and realizing that even the smallest positive changes can make you an extra stunning individual, inside and out!
It doesn't even have to be related to your health or fitness either, when we take extra time to care for other people in our lives, don't we all feel a little happier? Motivation is just as much about family and friends as it is fitness and all of it leads to a healthier and happier life!

What helps motivate you?

Thanks for reading!

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