Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pita Pizza & Pics

Today for lunch I had a wonderful little invention called the Pita Pizza!

Super simple concept and preparation! Inspired by Peas and Crayons and Cookie+kate.
Just make a pizza on a pita pocket! I used EVOO, herbs, mozzarella, spinach and left over chicken. 
Then cook it at 425 in a cast iron skillet for about 12 minutes and voila! A perfect personalized pizza!
I may be eating this for lunch and dinner for the next two days...or until I run out of pita bread! 

In other news, the past week has been lacking in the workout area because I sprained my ankle last weekend, a silly incident of being run over by a large man and falling into a flower bed during some weekend festivities.
This is what it looked like a couple days after:

Still very swollen and painful at that point. I had to take two days off work to help it heal. It's doing better now and closer to normal size again!
I think I will need to go easy on it for another week, but the past two days I've been able to get some great workouts in without hurting myself more.

Since I'm not a gym rat anymore, my workouts have been consisting of a lot of plyometrics and compound moves to work my muscles and get some cardio. But with a sprained ankle, the plyo part has been difficult because jumping on a weak ankle doesn't seem like the most productive thing for the healing process.
I've been making due and today managed some burpees again!

I'll post more about my "recovery" workouts soon, but I wanted to post a couple progress pics now that I've been done with Jamie Eason's 12 week program for about 6 weeks and on my own, doing mostly at-home-workouts.

 (May 19, 2012)
Yes, I do have motivational/inspirational quotes on my mirror!

 (and please excuse my messy bed!)

I can definitely see some improvements from what my arms looked like in February
That makes me very happy :)

What do you like on personalized pizzas?
Have you ever sprained your ankle? What did you do to recover well?

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