Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Great things!

Today was a great day! I have a stellar presentation in class, got a job (!!), received my package from iHerb and even got to relax in the sunny weather a bit! WOW!

I got a job as a waitress at a local restaurant, they called me 20 minutes after the interview to tell me they liked me a lot and wanted me to work there! I'm really excited! Now, not only will money be not so tight, but I will be able to spend the summer here in Durango with my boy! All around positive accomplishment :)

Then, when I got home and checked the mail, my iHerb package was here! It felt like it was my birthday already! Check out the great things I got at a great price:

I pretty much opened the Dagoba instantly! I was so curious what lavender blueberry chocolate was like and after a taste test, I give it two thumbs up!
I've looked all around the local grocery for some type of mint flavoring, but couldn't find anything, negative side of living in a small town, I guess...it was the first thing in my iHerb shopping cart cause a mint chocolate smoothie sounds soooo good!
I think I'll need to devote a post to PB2, it's a great peanut butter product and saves a lot of fat and calories for someone who's as nuts about peanut butter as I am! (get it?)
I have also been wanting to try Xylitol as a sweetner, but it's really expensive at the health food store in town, so I was excited to get a good deal from iHerb so I can test it out...I'll report back if I like it or not.
Lastly, the coconut oil is for skin/hair, the weather has continued to be so dry and I needed something a little stronger for my poor crackled hands. I've been stealing some coconut oil from my kitchen supply to rub on my hands at night, so I thought it'd be best to have a special supply for my skin and at $3, it was hard to say no!

Don't forget that you can get $10 off your first order of $40 or more and $5 off your first order under $40 by using my code SIJ735. Great deals for all!

I also made a different type of chocolate protein muffin today for a snack and LOVED it! I tried to take a picture, but with our bad lighting it was hard to not make it look like a chocolate blob. Check out the recipe at pure2raw and make your tummy and taste buds happy!

Hope you're having a great Tuesday!!

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