Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cardio day

Today was only cardio for my workout... the days I usually dread! I'm a weirdo and I really like to be in the weight room, pumpin' some iron! Cardio is usually just so boring to me, so today for my (close to) hour of cardio I decided to switch things up to avoid boredom!

I started off with 20 mins on the elliptical and used it to warm up my body and get my heart pumping. I set the machine to the "fat loss" interval, which does easy intervals that kept my heart rate at about 150 bpm, but didn't get my legs burning.

Then I moved on to some HIIT for 10 mins. I did 2 rounds of (5) exercises at 50 seconds ON and 10 seconds REST, it looked like this:
10 sec rest
50 sec kettlebell diagonal chop rightside
10 sec rest
50 sec kettlebell diagonal chop leftside
10 sec rest
50 sec kettlebell swing right arm
10 sec rest
50 sec kettlebell swing left arm
10 sec rest
50 sec running reptile plank

That's one round.
I used a 20lb kettlebell for the first 4 exercises and didn't take a break between rounds.

Then I hit the treadmill for 22 mins of running; doing some steady intervals, I was able to run 2.80 miles in that amount of time, which is about a 7:50 min mile. It felt really good! Here's what my intervals looked like:

Time (min) Speed (mph)
0-5 7
5-10 8
10-12 7
12-15 8
15-17 7
17-20 8
20-22 8.5

I finished with some stretching, which my calves desperately needed, re-hydrated and went home to eat some oatmeal, per usual :)
Adding the little bit of HIIT training into my cardio day really helped me stay focused and actually energized me for the run...there's just something about swinging weights around that gets me excited!

Do you like cardio or weight training better?

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