Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday oatmeal!

Ever since I watched that 60 minutes segment about the dangers of sugar (I wrote about here), I have been trying to be conscious about my sugar intake, especially in the morning. Since I workout in the morning, many days I have the attitude that I can eat as much sugar as I want in the AM. NOT true! Although it is better to eat sweets and heavy carbs earlier in the day, so you can use those extra calories during your day, it's not an excuse to go crazy....which I have been known to do.

Two important things I've changed in the past week are my oatmeal and coffee. Usually I add some type of sugar/sweetener to both and I've changed that habit. For the oats, it's really not so hard, now I'm just cooking the banana in the oatmeal, so the natural sugars release and I can still have sweet oats. :)
The coffee doesn't have much of a substitute that I know of, but then again, I'm not sure why I added sugar to my coffee in the first place because I love the taste of coffee.

Today, I did add something a little sweet to my morning oats...but I consider it a stroke of genius more than anything!
Introducing trail mix oatmeal!!

See! You think I'm a genius too! What could be better than oatmeal and trail mix?! I love both of those things and they go so well together!

Here's what you need:

1/3 cup uncooked oatmeal (I use thick rolled oats)
3/4 cup water (or milk)
1 medium banana
a handful of trail mix (I didn't measure)
2 Tbsp peanut butter or PB2 for topping!

Cook the oatmeal, with the banana, according to the instructions or how you prefer (I personally like to cook my oats in water and then add a dash of milk afterwards). You may need to mash up the banana a bit during cooking, depending on if you want chunks, but it also helps the natural sugars break down. When the oatmeal is done cooking, add the trail mix just before you transfer to a bowl (or just out of the microwave if that's how you cooked it), if you add the trail mix while the oats are cooking, not only will the colored candies bleed their colors, but the nuts will get a little soft...and that's no good.
Then smother the top with peanut butter of your choice and devour!

I just got done eating this and trust me, it's good!

Do you watch how much sugar you eat? What's your favorite type of trail mix?

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