Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Danger of Sugar

If you like scary movies, you should watch this!!...well you should watch it even if you don't like scary movies, but it's definitely scary!! It's a portion of a 60 minutes segment they did about the dangers of added sugars in our everyday lives.

As Americans, we get added sugars in almost all packaged and processed foods and the effects are scary! Childhood obesity is a serious problem and it's all because of the recent phenomena of processed and packaged food products; I'm sure if you asked your grandparents if they ever thought childhood obesity and diabetes would be a problem they would say, "never in a million years!". 
But our generations now are different and many families do not even know where their food comes from and there are kids in the United States who have never even seen a real live cow in person before! That's insane!

Choosing whole foods and being conscious of sugar intake can make a drastic difference in your everyday life, you will not only be naturally skinnier, but your skin will look better and you won't suffer from mood swings associated with high and low blood sugar.

So once again, please watch this video and be informed on what you are eating and how you can eliminate added sugars from your daily life...cause it could save your life!

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