Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WIAW Birthday Edition

I'm back for another What I Ate Tuesday Wednesday! This post happens to be special because it was my birthday yesterday! The big 22! :) I was unfortunately really terrible at taking pictures of what I ate, so I'm sorry that it's going to be lacking in photos!

As usual, I started my morning off with a protein shake and some fruit, an apple, before I hit the gym.
Then after my shoulder circuit + cardio, I ate a small bowl of peanut butter and banana oatmeal and 2 eggs.

For my morning snack, I cheated a bit (it was my birthday!) and ate a raspberry-cornmeal muffin from a local bakery...I totally forgot to take a picture, but it was oh so good!

Lunch was a taco salad of sorts.

Mixed greens with rice, ground beef and some cheese with EVOO and hot sauce for dressing...yummy!

Once again, I didn't take a picture of my afternoon snack, but it was trail mix. I don't buy trail mix very often and it seems like I always forget why I don't buy's because it's so addicting!! It's hard to just have 1 handful of trail mix, almost impossible actually.

Then I was also a bad kid and didn't take a picture of my b-day dinner. I went out with some friends to a mexican restaurant for Taco Tuesday! $2 tacos is a hard deal to beat! I had two carne asada tacos in corn tortillas.
Of course birthday dessert came next and they brought me the most ridiculous dessert ever! A sopapillla filled with ice cream and topped with strawberry sauce! I should've taken a picture of that monster! It was soo good!
With all the sugar in me, I was definitely not hungry the rest of the night!

And that was my WIAW...I will admit, I lacked in the veggie department yesterday, oops! Gonna have to make up for that one today!


I would also like to share a couple items I received for my birthday. Since I was home a little over a week ago, my mom gave me my presents then, one of them being a metal necklace that says "In dog we trust" on one side and the other had a cut out of a dog. It's so cute!
She also gave me some "prayer" flags, but they aren't actually the Tibetan prayer flags, they are from a local artist and each flag has a different picture relating to gardening and summer!
This one's my favorite:

How cute is that?! :)

Then yesterday, I had flowers delivered to me by my thoughtful boyfriend!

They are so pretty and perfect for spring! Good job, babe!
And since we live in different parts of the state, he send a little note saying he wished he could be with me :) (awwww!)

That's all for today! Thanks for reading!

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