Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ending a Chapter

Today at 10:30am, I was officially finished with my last final and finished with my college career! Wow! So much has happened in the last four years, I feel a need to recap some highlights from my time spent in college.
First, here's a pretty picture of little Durango-town, which has been my home for 3 out of the last 4 years. 

This is me and one of my very best friends, Melissa. We met my freshman year of college, she's from Arizona and had never seen a heavy snow storm until moving to Durango!

My sophomore year: camping in between Durango and Silverton.

During the winter me and my roommate, Vanessa, ingeniously heated up cookies on our space-heater :)

Also during my sophomore year, I visited my best childhood friend, Angela, in LA for spring break. Here we are playing frisbee on the beach in March!

Then I was lucky enough to spend my junior year in Spain. The picture above is from La Rioja region of the Basque country. 

The faithful gang on Halloween in Vitoria, Spain.

Here's me and my mom in Granada, Spain, where I spent my second semester. Above us is the famous Alhambra Palace. 

My two best girls, Colleen and Olivia, and me on the beach in Lagos, Portugal. One of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. 

Last but not least, Westin and me at the top of Hogsback in Durango during my senior year. 

It's been the best experience of my life to go to college! I have met lifelong friends, traveled across the world and learned so much, not only in school, but about myself!

Thanks for reading!

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